Weight Loss Through Fitness

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Home Fitness:

Why use resistance tubes?

They're economical. For under $50, you can get everything you need for your workout.

They're portable.They'll easily fit into your suitcase, taking up about as much room as one shirt.

They're convenient. You don't need special benches to position yourself properly.

They're versatile. You can always modify your routine to suit your fitness level and further your progress.

They're gentle. Much easier on the joints than weights.

They're easy. Learning exercises is simple enough for beginners.



How to Look Thinner

by Quality Books

A few simple tips on the way you dress can change your life - make you look thinner and feel happier. The clothes you choose have a lot to do with the way you look. Unsuitable, unflattering garments can really make you look your worst. The following list of hints should help you to make the best choices when you go clothes shopping.

  1. Don't accentuate your heavy areas with ruffles. Never wear them on a blouse if your busty, or around the hem of your skirt if you have hefty legs.
  2. By wearing the same color skirt, hosiery and shoes you'll look a lot thinner from the waist down.
  3. Try to create a vertical image whenever possible. Wear long scarves, dresses that button from neckline to hem and vertically striped outfits.
  4. Control-top pantyhose will give you that five-pounds-thinner look anytime.
  5. Wear wrap-around skirts to effectively camouflage bulging stomach, hips and derriere. A wrap coat can also make you look thinner.
  6. Where you are heavy, wear dark colors; if you have large hips and legs, wear dark skirts and pants. Dark colors recede and don't draw attention.
  7. Where you are thin, wear warm or bright colors; if you have small shoulders and are small-busted, wear pastels to spotlight these thin areas.
  8. Never wear a tight belt which forces bulges above or below it. And don't wear anything with a tight elastic waistband.
  9. Your legs will look longer and thinner if you wear sling back and backless shoes rather than pumps.
  10. Remember that small patterns are best for big people. Avoid clothes with large floral patterns.
  11. Finally, one last suggestion. Try wearing a cool-colored v-neck sweater belted over a warm-colored v-neck shirt. This will draw the eye inward to the warm color and upward toward the face.

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